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FAQ: What is the difference between Souties and PaceLyte?

FAQ: What is the difference between Souties and PaceLyte?

The Souties are a complete little meal in one biscuit – Each little biscuit contains (vegan) protein, potato (cassava root) and MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides). It is a high salt (savoury) snack, containing Kalahari and Himalayan salt. Souties are great if you like to nibble on REAL food, particularly if you’re craving savoury foods, which often happens in the second half of an event. Souties are also really good for stabilising blood sugar and/or for settling a queasy tummy. Souties do not contain preservatives or colourants!

PaceLyte is a flavourless ELECTROLYTE booster, containing Kalahari Salt, magnesium bis glycinate and other electrolytes to prevent cramps and/or dehydration. It is extremely low carb – so it won’t contribute to blood sugar, although it will help with explosive power. (Contains d-ribose). PaceLyte is also really nice if you prefer to race/train with just electrolytes in your bottles/hydration pack. PaceLyte has no added flavours or colourants. Contains caffeine-free Green Tea to support the immune system.

Both Souties and PaceLyte can assist with preventing cramps/ dehydration/ hyponatraemia

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