FAQ: I am a runner and I am never sure how much water to drink – Please help


We recommend to hydrate at a rate of approx. 8-10ml/H2O/kgBodyweight/hr when using our formulas. However, this may vary widely according to personal requirements, ambient temperature/humidity and the demands of the sport or event.

For example, if you weigh:
60kgs – Drink ~500mls to 600mls / hour
90kgs – Drink ~800mls to 900mls / hour.
Hydrating correctly ensures easy and rapid absorption of the carbohydrates and electrolytes in our GT Gel and EnduraPower.
Note: Our GT Gel and EnduraPower both have significant levels of sodium to prevent hyponatraemia. (Water intoxication/over-hydration).

Race Tips:

  • Before an event, try to find out the size of the water sachets – how many ml of water they contain. Usually they contain 100ml water, but sometimes, they might be 150ml water or even 250ml water.
  • Secondly, find out the frequency of the water tables. Usually they are every 3kms (every 20 minutes), but on occasion, they might be every 2kms (as is the case sometimes with Comrades)

With the above information, you can accurately and safely calculate the number of sachets of water you need to drink per hour, if you’re working on the 8-10ml//kgBodyweight/hr water consumption. This may be adjusted according to personal preference.

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