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FAQ: Do I need to use GT Gel and EnduraPower at the same time (for instance, within the same hour) during an event?


If you are competing in Enduro Riding (Roof of Africa, IMPI etc) where the intensity is extreme and you have a risk of cramping, then YES, you would use the 2 formulas (GT Gel and EnduraPower) simultaneously: During an enduro, the little decanting bottle should be filled to the top with GT Gel and sipped intermittently over approximately 6 hours of enduro riding. In addition to the GT Gel, you should have EnduraPower in every 3 litre hydration pack (6 scoops).

For all other sports (eg cycling, MTB,  distance running, triathlons), you would not need to use GT Gel and EnduraPower at the same time: You would choose one formula or the other – either GT Gel or EnduraPower but you can swap between them in the same event. Use one formula for 1- 3 hours, and then switch to the other formula for 1-3 hours etc etc.
In this way, you can ensure a REFRESHING taste in your mouth over long, endurance events where taste-fatigue can dramatically affect your hydration rate. In other words, you stop drinking at the correct rate because your taste-buds have taste-fatigue.

For example, for MTB:

During the Cape Epic, you can switch between the 2 options: For example, you might wish to do the first half of each day on EnduraPower and then switch to GT Gel with ONLY WATER in your hydration pack for the second half of each day! This is a WINNER! Just about everyone loves the taste of JUST water on long events.

For example, for marathon runners:

First 10kms: Mix 500-750mls EnduraPower, mixed in a bottle that you’re happy to toss. (In this way, there is no struggle with the over-crowding to get to the water tables in that first hour)
From 10kms – 42kms:  Fill the little gel decanting bottle all the way to the top with GT Gel (do not water it down). Sip on GT Gel over the next 32kms.

So you can see from the above two examples, you would choose either GT Gel or EnduraPower for that hour (or a specified period of time), but you can swap between the 2 formulas for variety, within the same event.

Note: There are many athletes who wish to back off from TASTE AND carbohydrate intake for an hour or two during a long event. If this is the case, then you can simply switch to PaceLyte which has NO flavour, no colourants – Only electrolytes and a minuscule amount of carb. The tiny amount of carb (2.5g) is mostly D-Ribose! This is the carb that fuels the mitochondria – ATP/explosive power of the muscles.
PaceLyte is absolutely refreshing in the mouth… I LOVE this one!

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