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Suggested Meal Plan: Keto; Low Carb

Suggested Meal Plan: Keto; Low Carb

Suggested Meal Plan: Keto; Low Carb

Morning exercise session: Drink PaceLyte. Add one teaspoon PaceLyte to your waterbottle and sip intermittently throughout your session.

Keto Coffee – Black coffee with a teaspoon of Pace & Power MCT Oil*
2 eggs (whole, free-range) (boiled, poached or fried in coconut oil)
1 Avo

1 scoop Whey Power in 250ml water or blended with crushed ice and an espresso (or a low-carb fruit instead of a fruit with lunch)

Chicken, meat or fish
Salad greens and olive oil and a teaspoon of Pace & Power MCT Oil*
1 x low carb fruit (link)

1 scoop Whey Power blended in 250ml water, with crushed ice and strawberries (or any other low carb fruit) Link

Chicken, meat or fish
Broccoli or cabbage or cauliflower with cheese/butter/coconut oil or salad greens with olive oil*
Handful of nuts and seeds

Before Bedtime Snack (Optional) but GREAT if you’re training hard! Whey Power in 250ml water. Add a teaspoon PaceLyte if needing extra electrolytes for the next day’s training

Anytime Snack: Dark chocolate >85% cocoa or nuts/seed

*Pace & Power MCT Oil for when you need energy that lasts a few hours, but without affecting blood sugar levels or insulin.
(Hence one teaspoon MCT oil with breakfast and another one teaspoon MCT oil at lunch time).
Olive oil for cold foods; coconut oil for heat = frying, sautee, baking

Note: Here is a list of foods for you to swap out to foods that you enjoy!

Whey Power Recipes!

If you feel that you wish to include little carb to sustain blood sugar, then we recommend this combination rather: Suggested Meal Plan HERE
1) Fat-Less
2) LeanPlex

Alternative Eating Plan: Intermittent fasting


Check with your doctor or dietician before starting any diet
Low carb and the keto diet isn’t recommended for:
1) Those with liver or kidney disease,
2) If you are on medication/have a medical condition
3) Those with gastrointestinal issues
4) Folk who can’t metabolize high amounts of dietary fat
5) If you’ve had your gall bladder removed
6) If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding
7) For people who have a rare genetic disorder.

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