Motorsport and Motorsport Endurance –  What, when and how much?

Motorsport: Qualifier (15-20 minutes) and 2 races (10 laps, 20-30 minutes each) 

Motorsport Endurance (3 x racers for 45 minutes minimum in a car for 3 or 6 hours continuously). The instructions for Pace & Power is written in purple at the bottom of this page

For Motorsport, we have divided the into into 2 areas:

1. Race Day Performance
2. Training and Recovery

Race Day Performance:

Daily Training and Recovery


  • A light, but SUSTAINING liquid race meal – Perfect for Motorsport and Endurance Motorsport – especially for those who struggle to eat, then compete with a super-high heart-rate!
  • It also eliminates any ill-timed drops in blood sugar (which usually affects reaction time, focus and concentration)

Use EnduraShake 4 ways for Motorsport

  1. Nutrition/Carbo-loader: 2-3 days before (depending on the intensity of the event how any heats etc). 1 scoop  in 200mls water at 10h00, 15h00 and before bed.
  2. In the morning: Take 2 scoops in 400ml water for breakfast. This is particularly good to stabilise blood sugar for a few hours, and if you struggle to eat because of nervous tension! You WON’T feel full.
  3. Over the day: Light sustaining meal. 1 scoop in 200ml water intermittently throughout the day – whenever you get hungry. Note that you can drink EnduraShake and race straight away – You don’t have to worry about gettting your timing right.
  4. Recovery food: 2 scoops afterwards to maximise recovery. If you are very tired, take another 1 scoop before you go to sleep. (EnduraShake won’t keep you awake, but it will help feed tired muscles while sleeping)

EnduraShake should be also be taken before and after your Friday training sessions.

  • Take 1 scoop before and 1 scoop after a 1.5 – 2 hour training session 
  • OR 2 scoops before and 2 scoops after a 3.5 hour training session

EnduraPower: This powder goes in your water-bottle(s):

  • Low GI for stable blood sugar (thus helping with focus and concentration)
  • High electrolytes to prevent dehydration and muscle cramping (contains Kalahari Salt).
  • Malic acid for high intensity racing!
  • Glutamine for recovery.

How to Use EnduraPower

  • Follow the instructions on the label in terms of the number of scoops per water per litre. (You should not water it down).
  • Sip on EnduraPower whilst waiting for your heat/race. This ensures that you are fully hydrated and fueled beforehand. And it will ensure that your blood sugar levels are stable for your heats/races.
  • Note: EnduraPower  has significant levels of Kalahari Salt to prevent hyponatraemia. (Water intoxication/over-hydration).

Choose your flavour wisely: Read our recommendations on flavour choices.

GT Gel:

  • Extremely high-electrolyte.
  • Sustaining blood sugars.
  • GT Gel is designed in Africa for African heat.
  • Brilliant for preventing cramps!

Use GT Gel as follows:

  • GT Gel may be used in conjunction with EnduraPower , especially if you think there is a risk that you might cramp.
  • Pour GT Gel into the little decanting bottle and take a few sips before each heat/race (Drink EnduraPower  throughout the day).
  • Drinking water with the gel ensures easy and rapid absorption of the gel.

Note: GT Gel has significant levels of sodium to prevent hyponatraemia. (Water intoxication/over-hydration).


  • A tasteless ELECTROLYTE formula
  • Contain significant amounts of MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE
  • Minuscule amount of carb.

Use PaceLyte as follows:

  • If you tend to cramp (despite having pre-hydrated with EnduraPower  and GT Gel with water), then simply add half to one teaspoon of PaceLyte to your water-bottles and sip throughout the day, whilst waiting for your heat/final.
  • If you’re feeling dehydrated or very tired at the end of the day, drink another teaspoon before you go to sleep that night

Joobies OR Jooblets: (Same thing, different sizes) One Joobie = 5-6 Jooblets

  • An electrolyte chewy designed to give you a powerful energy boost – PERFECT for Motorsport!
  • One Joobie or 6 x Jooblets will last you ~20 minutes of high-intensity racing.
  • But don’t use Joobies/Jooblets on their own: Remember to drink EnduraPower throughout the day and to use EnduraShake as your food. In this way, you will ensure no drops in blood sugar in the middle of your event, and then the Joobies/Jooblets can do their job properly!

Use Joobies or Jooblets as follows:

  • A few minutes before your heat/final: Eat a Joobie (or 6 Jooblets) for wild SPRINT energy and electrolytes.

Souties: For the MUNCHIES!!

A savoury/salty snack. Pure food. No preservatives. MCT’s for energy!  (They taste like chips!).

Use Souties as follows:

  • Anytime! When you need to perform, but also need real food.
  • When you’re craving a salty, savoury snack, especially after all the sweet stuff!
  • When you need a balanced mini-meal – protein, carb and fat.
  • If you’re cramping. Contains both Kalahari and Himalayan Salt.

Twin packs with a variety of flavours: Mixed Herbs, Basil-Pesto, Thyme, Umama, Tomato+Black Pepper; and Original. Nothing sweet about them!


An amino acid that helps your body recover.

Use L-Glutamine as follows:

  • Take 1-2 teaspoons after racing. Simply add to your EnduraPower at the end.
  • If you are really tired, take another 1-2 teaspoons before you go to sleep that night as well.

B. Training and RECOVERY for Motorsport Practice Days (Wednesdays, Fridays) Use: EnduraShake: and EnduraPower


Take 2 scoops before practice and 2 scoops afterwards, especially on the Friday if you’re competing on Saturday. In addition, if you are very tired, take another 1 scoop before you go to sleep. (EnduraShake won’t keep you awake, but it will help feed tired muscles while sleeping)

EnduraPower :

This is great for daily training: Simply mix in your water-bottle(s) as prescribed. Sip intermittently throughout your conditioning session. EnduraPower is especially good high heart-rate training.

Daily Recovery from other supplementary training for Motorsport: LeanPlex, Whey Power, L-Glutamine and Collagen Peptides

1. LeanPlex is a high protein, low kilojoule formula that will help with daily recovery – Also good if you need to drop some bodyfat.
Use LeanPlex as follows: Simply take 2 scoops mid-morning and 2 scoops mid-afternoon in 300ml water

2. Whey Power is JUST PROTEIN for LEAN muscle tone and RECOVERY from your daily gym sessions. High in L-glutamine (6000mg per scoop) and branched-chain amino acids (7500mg per scoop), with MCTs for energy!
Use Whey Power as follows: Add 1 scoop to your oats, or smoothie, or simply drink with JUST water! After training. Before bedtime. Or drink along with any low-protein meal.

3. Pace & Power Glutamine: An amino acid for muscle repair and recovery.
Use our glutamine as follows: Take one teaspoon of our pure L-Glutamine immediately after training – especially after high heart-rate work.

4. Pace & Power Collagen Peptides: If you have issues with your joints – ANY connective tissue – for example, your knees, lower back then our Pace & Power collagen is the thing to use! Results for most athletes are significantly good!
Use our collagen as follows: 2 scoops daily. Anytime.

For Motorsport Endurance: 3 x racers for 45 minutes minimum in a car for 3 or 6 hours continuously.

Nutrition/Carboloader: 1-3 days before:
1 scoop EnduraShake in 200mls water at 10h00, 15h00 and before bed. (Continue eating your normal meals)
Before the Start: 2 scoops EnduraShake in 400ml water, 45 minutes before the start.
During: Take 2 scoops of EnduraShake every 3.4 hours/halfway during the event.
Recovery food after: 2 scoops EnduraShake in 400ml afterwards, and 2 scoops again before bed.

Hydration for Endurance Motorsport:

  1. EnduraPower (high electrolytes, blend of stable carbs) Powder in your hydration pack. (Neutral Quench tastes like water; Lemonade VERY light flavour).
  2. GT Gel (high electrolytes, blend of stable carbs, BCAAs).
    GT Gel is formidable with preventing cramps and maintaining performance with a high heart-rate, when racing in extreme heat. It is used along with the EnduraPower, like so:
    Fill the little decanting bottle and take a sip intermittently throughout the event Remember to use the GT Gel in addition to drinking the EnduraPower which is in your hydration pack (at the rate prescribed above).
    GT Gel is low flavour, with a soft texture, so very easy to swallow.
    One filled little decanting bottle (110mls) should last you ~ 6 hours of racing. (Remember that GT Gel is used in addition to EnduraPower in your hydration pack and remember to always hydrate as prescribed above.).
  3. PaceLyte = High electrolytes.  Optional, but really good if you’re a chronic cramper! Simply add 1-2 teaspoons of PaceLyte to the EnduraPower in your  hydration pack.
    PaceLyte is also super if you wish to replace lost electrolytes after a hectic event – Add one teaspoon to a glass of chilled water and drink afterwards.
    PaceLyte has NO flavour, no colourants. Absolutely refreshing in the mouth!

Note: EnduraPower, GT Gel and PaceLyte are designed for racing in heat!
The sodium and electrolyte content of all 3 formulas, as well as in the Souties (see below) significantly reduces risk of hyponatremia.

Joobies: For extra fast ROCKET ENERGY with ELECTROLYTES, munch on a Joobie as needed. Joobies stop cramps FAST. Great for sprints…Fantastic for hills… and… perfect for sulking! Can you use Joobies on their own for Enduros? Read more here.

Souties: For REAL food – a welcome SALTY snack, munch on a Soutie… ANYTIME during the event. Slow, sustaining energy with MCT’s for prolonged performance and cassava root for slow, steady carbs. Souties contain Kalahari Salt and Himalayan Salt – Rich in trace minerals.

Recovery food after: 2 scoops EnduraShake in 400ml afterwards, and 2 scoops again before bed. EnduraShake has no stimulants or artificial colours. It will not keep you awake at night.

Motorsport, Endurance Motorsport

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