Sprint Triathlon:
Swim 750m
Cycle 20km
Run 5km

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  1. Nutrition/Carboloader: 1 day before:
    1 scoop EnduraShake:in 200mls water at 10h00, 15h00 and before bed. (Continue eating your normal meals)
  2. Before the Start: 1 scoop EnduraShake: in 200ml water, 45 minutes before.
  3. Recovery food after: 1 scoop EnduraShake:in 200ml afterwards.

Before the Swim:EnduraPower  OR GT Gel

  • Drink half a scoop of EnduraPower  in 250 mls water
  • OR: You can take ~25ml GT Gel with 250-300 ml water

During the Cycle – 3 options:

  1. EnduraPower (high electrolytes, blend of stable carbs) in your water bottles. Drink one waterbottle of EnduraPower over the hour. (This may vary widely according to bodyweight and ambient temperature)
  2. GT Gel (high electrolytes, blend of stable carbs). This  enables you to ride with  JUST water in your water bottle. One 35-50ml serving in the little decanting bottle is enough for an hour of high heart-rate racing! Remember to drink water with the GT Gel over the hour. (This water consumption rate may vary widely according to bodyweight and ambient temperature)
  3. PaceLyte (high electrolytes, minuscule carb) in your water bottles – if you feel that you don’t need carbs, but only electrolytes. High electrolytes. NO flavour, no colourants. Absolutely refreshing in the mouth!
    (The tiny amount of carb (2.5g) is D-Ribose! This is the carb that fuels the mitochondria – the ATP cycle/explosive power of the muscles!).

Hydration rate for the above 3 options: 8ml-10mls/kg bodyweight/hr – this may vary widely according to personal preference/ ambient temperature/ humidity
(Please note: The sodium content of all 3 formulas significantly reduces any risk of hyponatraemia)

For the Run: Just one Joobie (or a tiny packet of Jooblets)

Recovery food after: 1 scoop EnduraShake: in 200ml afterwards.

11 Reasons to enjoy the little decanting GT Gel bottle (as opposed to the old sachet idea)

Why GT Gel?

Difference between EnduraPower and EnduraShake

Difference between GT Gel and EnduraPower

Difference between EnduraPower and PaceLyte?

Difference between GT Gel and Joobies/Jooblets

Difference between Joobies and Jooblets

Difference between PaceLyte and Souties

GT Gel

A Premium Electrolyte and Energy Gel from Africa for Africa!

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