Summary of how to use the formulas:

Nutrition/Carboloader: 3 days before:
1 scoop EnduraShake in 200mls water at 10h00, 15h00 and before bed. (Continue eating your normal meals)

Breakfast Before: 2 scoops EnduraShake in 400ml water, 45 minutes before the start. Please note! TWO scoops before the start.

Fill the little gel decanting bottle all the way to the top. Sip on GT Gel intermittently over the 3 hours and finish the entire decanting bottle over 3 hours. Hydrate according to bodyweight. (Recommended: 8ml-10mls/kg bodyweight/hr – this may vary). Important as GT Gel contains significant sodium and magnesium bis glycinate.

Note: You can substitute any 30 minutes to 1 hour of the event with EnduraPower instead of the GT Gel . You would need to be able to carry a waterbottle during that time, or compete with a hydration pack.

HOURLY Dosage of EnduraPower as follows: 1 scoop for a person weighing close to ~50kgs; 1.5 scoops for a person weighing close to ~75kgs; 2 scoops for ~100kgs+).

Throughout the event, for an extra boost of energy and/or electrolytes, munch on a Joobie or Jooblets (one little pack) as needed. Eat a Joobie or Jooblets (one little pack) 20-30 minutes from the end of the event.

Souties: When your body begs for real food…. something salty and savoury! Then Souties are for you… A welcome change from sweet…Souties are a completely balanced mini-meal, providing you with protein (VEGAN), carbs (Cassava Root and oats) and fat (MCTs). Twin-packs for convenience. Munch ANY time. Stable blood sugar!

Recovery food after: 2 scoops EnduraShake in 400ml afterwards, and 1 scoop again before bed.

11 Reasons to enjoy the little decanting GT Gel bottle (as opposed to the old sachet idea)

Summary of what to get – We have divided it into 2 areas:

  1. Race Performance/ Long Weekend Sessions
  2. Daily Training and Recovery

Race Performance:

Daily Training and RECOVERY

During Daily Training: Drink EnduraPower and/or PaceLyte

1. EnduraPower: This is great for daily training: Simply mix in your water-bottle(s) as prescribed. Sip intermittently throughout your conditioning session. EnduraPower is especially good high heart-rate training.

2. PaceLyte: If you prefer to train on just electrolytes (PaceLyte has only a minuscule amount of carbohydrate), then use PaceLyte instead of EnduraPower. One teaspoon of PaceLyte per 750ml/1 litre.

After Daily Training for Recovery and Lean Muscle Tone: LeanPlex, Whey Power, L-Glutamine and Collagen Peptides

1. LeanPlex is a high protein, low kilojoule formula that will help with daily recovery – Also good if you need to drop some bodyfat before an event.
Use LeanPlex as follows: Simply take 2 scoops mid-morning and 2 scoops mid-afternoon in 300ml water

2. Whey Power is JUST PROTEIN for LEAN muscle tone and RECOVERY from intense training. High in L-glutamine (6000mg per scoop) and branched-chain amino acids (7500mg per scoop), with MCTs for energy!
Use Whey Power as follows: Add 1 scoop to your oats, or smoothie, or simply drink with JUST water! After training. Before bedtime. Or drink along with any low-protein meal.

3. Pace & Power Glutamine: An amino acid for muscle repair and recovery.
Use our glutamine as follows: Take one teaspoon of our pure L-Glutamine immediately after training – especially after sprints/heavy lifting.

4. Creatine Monohydrate: (Optional). Ours is pure. For power – to be able to move at great speed, with maximum force

4. Pace & Power Collagen Peptides: If you have issues with your joints – ANY connective tissue – for example, your knees, lower back then our Pace & Power collagen is the thing to use! Results for most athletes are significantly good!
Use our collagen as follows: 2 scoops daily. Anytime.

More info on PaceLyte:

  • A tasteless ELECTROLYTE formula – wonderful for competing in heat
  • Contain significant amounts of MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE
  • Minuscule amount of carb = D-Ribose for fueling ATP! A welcome work-horse/partner to creatine monohydrate.

Use PaceLyte as follows:

  • Drink a teaspoon at night before the event (1-3 days before)
  • Drink a teaspoon on the morning of the event.
  • If you tend to cramp, then top up your EnduraPower by simply adding a one teaspoon of PaceLyte to your water-bottle or hydration pack.
  • If you’re feeling dehydrated or very tired at the end of the day, drink another teaspoon before you go to sleep that night


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